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The Orthodox Christian Education Commission has embarked on a revision of the series of texts used in the Church School.
One goal of the revision is to produce engaging and attractive texts that will reflect the beauty and depth of our faith.
A second goal is to offer students an understanding of spiritual maturity, and personal growth in faith.
A third, and very important goal, is to offer our students firm knowledge of the faith by the time they graduate from high school.
We live in a culture that offers many expressions of Christianity. We believe that it is important for our students to be able to articulate their faith, as well as to live it.

We believe that parents are the primary educators of their children. By your attendance at Divine Liturgy, and your giving of time, talent and treasure, you form your child’s love of Orthodox Christianity.

If you have any questions, please contact the Church School Director, Mary Gamel 512-638-7131


8/5 School Registration Begins

Please Click Here for online registration 
Registration is $20.00 per student.

School Activities

1st Day of Church School 9/9

See you there


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